William W Somers


              Vlogentia: A Tale of Second World

A story of a parallel universe that connects to ours. A portal, formed sixty-five million years ago when the comet crashed into our Earth and created it. The portal is a stable, small black hole encased in a magnetic field that allows transfer from our universe to another very similar universe between the universes. They are very similar, but not exact copies of each other.
Over four hundred year ago a Mayan village in the Yucatan was fleeing from the Inquisition and found the portal and found safety in this new, second, universe. They called this new home Second World. They settled there and founded a peaceful realm named Vlogentia, named after their founder. But now, four hundred years later, a new king has been crowned.
Bianca was looking forward to the New Year's Day festival, the first for the new king.  She'd play her favorite Mesoamerican ball game with her team in the capital city's Grand Ballcourt in front of the city's religious and cultural elite. The game and the day went well until she became unwillingly entangled in the new king's plot to militarize the realm so he could set out on his plan to conquer all of Second World.
Together with Jason and Margaret, two equally unwilling captives kidnapped from our universe and who the king meant to assist in his plot, she would have to find a way past the threat to her life and discover a way to return to the capital and foil the king's plan. She and Jason and Margaret would have to face annoying fairies, malevolent merpeople, pirates, mountain trolls, forest trolls and dragons.
Then after all this the three friends would discover an even greater threat to the portal between our universes and possibly the very existence of Second World. It would take all their ingenuity and courage to counter this threat and reestablish the peaceful coexistence of the two universes.

408 printed pages
Original publication



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