Deborah D Haight

The Hierophant

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The Future of the Earth Depends on the Awakening of 13 Life Bearers.

In Scotland, on a trip to study world trees, Bridgit accidentally plummets into another dimension when an evil force attacks her. When she came to, she finds herself in a higher dimension of Earth, inhabited by a clan of elves and other magical creatures.

The entrance into this elven realm is an indication, unbeknownst to her, that it is the start of her planetary mission on Earth as a Life Bearer, someone who holds the living codes of creation within their cellular memory.

Her task is to find twelve others like herself and awaken them to a shared mission assigned before they incarnated on Earth. This is all in anticipation that the Life Bearers will regain their memory and accomplish the creation of the New Earth before it is too late.

The Hierophant — The Return of Memory, is played out in multiple realms where Humans, Angels, and Elementals work together to Co-create a New Earth, all the while, Guardians and Dragon Riders hold back the darkness and set a new planetary grid.

This Navigational epic is a heartwarming spiritual journey that makes you believe in a New Time and a New Earth.

Will Bridgit and the Life Bearers break the chains that bind Earth's people to the third dimension so that they might enter the dawn of a New Time?

If you have ever wondered why you are on Earth at the shift of the ages, this book is for you!

This enchanting tale is a powerful transmission with subtle messages flowing between the pages. It may open your heart to your true purpose and unveil your hidden powers!

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