Jesse Wang


As a law student or young attorney, are you feeling despondent about your job prospects due to less-than-ideal grades?

Underdog: 12 Inspirational Stories for the Despondent Law Student provides a sense of reassurance to law students contemplating dropping out after a poor first-year performance, the graduates hesitant about applying for a competitive position because their grades aren't perfect, and the young professionals silently dealing with depression or anxiety behind the scenes while working overtime.

This book will answer the following questions:

How do I attain a high-paying job after graduation despite a low GPA?How do I leave the practice of law to pursue other projects or launch my own startup? How do I confirm that a career in law is my true calling? How do I increase my chances of being hired by my dream law firm

Underdog reminds its readers that, no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, there is always another move, another shot, another opportunity for redemption. This book is a clarion call for students to be honest about the pressures of law school, improve their mental health and quality of life, and reduce the unnecessary pressure to be perfect.
193 printed pages
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