Elizabeth Sarah Kite

The Influence of Beaumarchais in the War of American Independence

“The Influence of Beaumarchais in the War of American Independence” in 2 volumes is one of the best-known works by an American historian Elizabeth Sarah Kite. Pierre Beaumarchais (1732–1799) was a French polymath who rose in French society and became influential in the court of Louis XV as an inventor and music teacher. He made a number of important business and social contacts, and played various roles as a diplomat and spy. An early French supporter of American independence, Beaumarchais lobbied the French government on behalf of the American rebels during the American War of Independence. Before France officially entered the war in 1778, Beaumarchais played a major role in delivering French munitions, money and supplies to the American army.
Volume 1:
Early life
First Financial Successes
Business Negotiations in Spain
Beaumarchais's Return from Madrid
The Famous Memoirs of Beaumarchais
Beaumarchais Goes to London in Quality of Secret Agent of Louis XV Beaumarchais's Second Mission Under Louis XVI Playing Figaro upon the Stage of Life
Visits the Empress of Austria
The Character of Figaro
The First Performance of Le Barbier de Séville
Founder of the First Society of Dramatic Authors…
Volume 2:
Beaumarchais's Earliest Activities in the Cause of American Independence
First Steps of the Government of France
Beaumarchais's Memoirs to the King
Beaumarchais's English Connections
Memoirs Explaining to the King the Plan of His Commercial House
Suspicions of England Aroused Through Indiscretions of Friends of America
The Declaration of Independence and Its Effect in Europe
Beaumarchais's Activity in Getting Supplies to America
Letters to Congress
The Mariage de Figaro
House of Beaumarchais Searched
Declared an Emigré
Confiscation of his Goods
Imprisonment of his Family
The Ninth Thermidor Comes to Save Them
Beaumarchais After his Return from Exile
Correspondence with Bonaparte
Pleads for Lafayette Imprisoned
Death of Beaumarchais…
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