Orville Rogers

Within the Yellow Roses

“Who am I?” Who I was, was Professor Russell Malcolm Adams, History teacher at Virmington Ellis High School in Montgomery, Alabama.
My wife, God rest her soul, suffered most of her life from coronary heart disease. And Even though her heart condition was incurable, I continue to hold myself responsible for her death.
My daughter Rina, born with what doctors call a congenital heart defect, struggles to survive each day of her life.
When the economic crisis hit in 2008, everything that could go wrong with my life, went wrong. I lost my job, no other schools would accept me, there was no way out.
In a desperate attempt, I moved to New York hoping that things would get better. Instead, the results worsened. Struggling to find a way out and look forward to a future, only became harder as an unfinished past played the lead role in my present.
238 printed pages
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