No King in Israel: The History of the Judges, Joel Portman
Joel Portman

No King in Israel: The History of the Judges

283 printed pages
“What a refreshing contrast to the “feel-good” books surrounding us. In “No King in Israel” Portman links the times of the Judges in Israel with the letters of Christ to the seven churches (Revelation 2, 3). Within these pages is real help, strong encouragement, and even a stiff challenge for the serious believer. Shepherds will be glad to find clear, sound instruction and guidance in leading God’s people in obedience to His explicit directions. But there are also strands of gold woven throughout this volume which lovingly draw the heart toward a more unhindered and undivided devotion to the One who loved us and gave Himself for us. It is this Lord Jesus Christ who wrote the seven letters to the seven churches. His words of commendation and condemnation speak to the spiritual direction of the church as a whole and to the local assembly. The touchstones may be appropriated as written to us today. Included is an easy-to-understand synopsis of each of the judges providing encouraging admonitions, and instructive warnings. Many cause-and-effect parallels between those often-tested, sometimes failing Old Testament judges and the church’s elders are applicable even today. You will want to highlight, to meditate, even to dog-ear these pages, as you ponder insights which skillfully aim each concept at the heart. May the Lord bless each reader who embarks on this worthwhile spiritual journey!”— Jim Brown
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