Jaclyn Howell

Astute Animals from A to Z with Assonance and Alliteration

What makes an animal astute that allows them to adapt to their environment? First of all, what does astute even mean? 
It’s easy as ABC….all the way through the letter Z!
That’s where assonance and alliteration come into play and make learning about animals in an entertaining way.
Assonance: the repetition of vowel sounds but not consonants in words (as “red hen”) for poetic effect
Alliteration: the repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning of two or more neighboring words
Did I tell you there would be end rhyme too???

”Astute Animals from A to Z: with Assonance and Alliteration” is an enchanting book of ”tongue twisters” that shows off each letter of the alphabet with an astute animal using Assoanance and Alliteration. These 26 animals each have unique characteristics that allow them to show off their abilities and true colors.
Astute can mean cleverly outsmart predators, manipulate man made tools for a purpose, camouflaging skills as a way of survival, making click sounds in water to communicate, or even how predators (A.K.A. ”The big bad bullies”) prevent diseases or reduce damage to crops.
After reading about the 26 astute animals, I challenge you and your reading buddies to come up with you own tongue twisters about animal you would consider astute!
43 printed pages
Original publication
Jaclyn Howell



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