James A Albright

Flight Lessons 1: Basic Flight: How Eddie Learned the Meaning of it All

Flight Lessons is a collection of hundreds of professional pilot procedures and techniques. Volume One, Basic Flight, includes the first 30 such lessons as they were learned by Eddie, the author's alter ego, in story form. Each chapter concludes with the lesson on graph paper, updated for the aviation world of today.

Lessons include: Aerodynamic force, air properties, angle of attack, the “Big Sky Theory,” climb performance, the control and performance technique, course intercepts, critical mach, crosswinds, CR-3 and CPU-26 computers, fix-to-fix navigation, ground effect, holding (FAA), ILS, jet engine 101, mechanics, navigation, physics, plotting, radar, the region of reversed command, stability, thrust and drag, thrust measurement, turn performance, unusual attitude recovery, V-1 (decision speed), water injection, and wind shear.
425 printed pages
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