Allison DuBois,Joseph DuBois

Talk to Me

Allison DuBois, the inspiration for the TV series “Medium”, shares in her own words the stories of the spirits she talks to. The book begins with her describing how she communicates with the dead and how you can communicate with them too.

She illustrates what she has learned with stories of readings that she has done for people who have lost loved ones. The person being read also shares their perspective in their own words. These stories cover loss ranging from spouses, children, murder victims and soldiers. DuBois also includes stories from her own life where she has lost loved ones and how it impacts her life.

DuBois and her daughters provide advice for children with the gift and advice for anyone with the gift by describing what to look for and how to cope.

This book finishes with an update on Allison's family and similarities and differences the TV family and what they are doing now that filming is over.
238 printed pages
BookBaby, Inc., STTT


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