Sade L.Collins

A Lover's Mentality 2

Love, whoever knew the obstacles that it can take you through? In Yemya LeShay Smith case, love is venom that flowed through her veins. Although she craved that very feeling, her thoughts of love brought her through many trials and tribulations. After her heartfelt break up with her first love Shame, Yemya comes across a mysterious yet oh so seductive New Orleans native who goes by the name Hustle whom she met at the African American Social held in Chattanooga, TN. With the hopes of him being the one that can melt her cold heart.

Yemya discovers tough decisions as she develops intriguing feelings for Hustle all the while her past with Shame continues to hunt her. Leaping though bounds, Yemya discovers so much about herself as she grows into a woman with so many beliefs due to her past experience. Yet and still there is so much for Yemya to learn on her bitter sweet journey.

How far does a woman have to go in order to get a man to love her? What is it that needs to be proven? What respect is needed to be earned just to have someone to love only her? You can only take a walk into someone else shoes only to discover what it takes to get what you want. For love… what is it really worth?
151 printed pages


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