Bo Dunne

Mom's Little Toy

Lights, camera, action! Connor, a tall but under-endowed college student, has never had the joy of a woman’s body. His mom has serviced him with blow jobs because she was always a free spirit. Now they’re going to make money by having Mom make a porn video. They’re working for Marco and Sharona, who might find a solution for Connor’s virginity!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Sharona let in a slender young brunette. She wore a tight, white tank top without a bra and a light blue miniskirt revealing long legs that were toned and shapely. Very pretty, she looked around with large, blue eyes.“Connor, this is Annie,” said Sharona. “Annie, does he do justice to the picture I sent?”“Hi,” Annie said to Connor, without answering Sharona’s question. She was soft-spoken, a little shy. “You’re even taller than you looked in the picture.”“You’re tall, too. And really hot.” Dazzled by her appearance, his gaze went from her pretty face, with classic cheekbones and an awkward smile, down her figure to her feet. “Wow.” “Why don’t you get acquainted a little?” Mom looked to Sharona for approval. “They can sit on the bed and just talk, don’t you think?”“Of course!” Sharona moved a stand with lights out of the way. “We want you to be comfortable with each other. Come on over!”Always well behaved, Connor gestured for Annie to go first. She smiled shyly again as she walked to the bed.Connor followed, his eyes on those long legs under her little blue skirt. Her hips had a hot sway and the skirt barely reached low enough to cover her butt. She was wearing flip-flops that somehow looked sexy on her, too.When they sat down together on the bed, Annie kicked off her flip-flops.As Connor sat down at the same time, he glimpsed her white lace panties. Her movement seemed unintentional and the sight sent another wave of heat through him.She drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, seemingly unaware that he could now see clearly under her little skirt. With her hair falling forward, she rested her chin on her knees and glanced up at him with the same shy look as before. Connor looked away and then sneaked another glance at the flesh of those toned legs and the white lace. His pulse was racing. “I heard you’re in college,” Annie said. “Me, too.”“I go to UF.”“Gainesville? Me, too!” She raised her head. “What year?”“Sophomore.” He could not help smiling. Having something real to talk about made this situation a little bit more normal.“Me, too! Have you picked your major?”“Not for sure. Something about computers, electronics, programming. That stuff. I know, it’s super-nerd stuff.”“Really? Those are such hard subjects.”“What about you?”“I’m not sure. Maybe business. I want to be an entrepreneur so I don’t have to work for other people all my life.”“That’s smart,” said Connor. He hesitated, not sure what else to say, but he found that he liked her. She seemed like a regular person, which surprised him in this setting. The women he had met at an ordinary sorority party had seemed ordinary, but they had set him up to be humiliated.Annie shifted onto her back.He stretched out alongside her and lowered his voice. “Did they tell you about me?”“Sharona said it’s your first time.”“Yeah, but there’s something else.”“She told me you have a little bitty thing and I said I wanted to be your first anyway.”Connor was startled. “You did?”“I’ve never been a guy’s first before. I’ve only had two guys. And I don’t want you to worry about getting me off. I want you to enjoy me. That would be a big thrill for me.”“It would?” He had never imagined anything like that.
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