Lennie Stanfield

Halfway Home

Zach has married Grace Ann. After spending their first night at the farm where they will now make their home, the newlyweds are off on a honeymoon. Zach had asked One, their alien friend, if he could help them get away for a couple of weeks, with One along, of course. Now aboard the spaceship concealed for centuries under the lake, Zach and Grace Ann are going ‘out there’.

One, the creation of Cronan science, was awakened by the anguish of Zach's cries at the loss of his father in the cave. One has now befriended Grace Ann. Together, the three of them are learning to understand, and to trust each other. Trust for Zach and Grace Ann has come easily, since their lives are literally in One’s control aboard the spaceship. The fact that Zach and Grace Ann are now married presents a number of interesting moments.

Unbeknownst to anyone, except the newlyweds, One has identified a spaceship entering the solar system. The spaceship is very large, with a direct trajectory to the inner planets. This event creates an altogether unplanned adventure. Zach and Grace Ann must decide their next steps. Steps that may impact all of humanity.
536 printed pages


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