Chuck Wlliams

Robles' Ghost

Do you know what you’re doing? She asked. What about  Juanita? What about your children? Who exactly are you helping? Miguel Robles is dead. You can’t help him. Señor Mota? At least he’s still alive.

A state senator makes a large bet on stocks with borrowed money, backed by embezzled funds in a Panamanian shell company. His gamble fails and when he falls back on his embezzled money he discovers his funds have vanished.

Baltasar, an ex-cop now a civil engineer, discovers a body buried at the site of a new Audi factory. To identify the body he follows a trail  that leads to Mexican poets from the sixties and the embezzled funds. In pursuit of answers and justice for the murdered man he puts himself, his coworkers, new friends, and family in danger. But for Baltasar the adrenaline charge and excitement are worth the risks.

Revenge is behind the mayhem, and too late he discovers that revenge is contagious.
257 printed pages
Original publication



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