Emmanuel Maggiori

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Why is it so hard to communicate with techies? Why was your tech start-up product much harder to build than you initially thought? Why were you promised that AI would be the solution to everything, yet it didn't work for your business?

This book is a crash course in computers, the Internet and AI. It will help you speak with techies more effectively and understand the challenges in building software products.

Written for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, founders, and anyone eager to learn more about tech, this book tells you:

What computers can do and how coders program them;Why some simple problems are hard to solve with software;How the Internet works and what it takes to build a Web app;What the buzzwords big data and the cloud are really about;How AI works and how to make sure it doesn't learn nonsense;The limitations of AI and whether you should use it.

“The basics of computing, clearly explained.” -Dermot Turing (Author of Prof Alan Turing Decoded)
266 printed pages
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