The Lonely Skier, Hammond Innes
Hammond Innes

The Lonely Skier

232 printed pages
High among the Dolomite Mountains, a film crew led by a madman will risk their lives for Nazi gold, in this death-defying thriller.

Out of work, out of money, and out of time, Neil Blair is wandering through Piccadilly Circus when he stumbles upon the chance of a lifetime. He meets an old army buddy, a half–con man half-genius film producer, who offers him a job. Suddenly, Blair is off to the Dolomites for three months to work on the script for a film that will be unlike anything the cinema has ever seen: a thriller entirely based in truth, every word steeped in blood.
Ostensibly, the film is to be a skiing picture, but Blair soon learns there’s much more at stake than a bit of sport. Beneath the mountain ice is a fortune in Nazi gold, which the producer will find—or die trying. Blair’s task is to document that hunt on the page, but he’s about to be trapped in a battle of wits that could destroy him before he types a single word.
Shot through with the atmospheric tension that was Hammond Innes’s trademark, The Lonely Skier is a terrifying story of murder and deception at the edge of the world.
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