Maureen Reynolds

Dragon Land

An epic story of love, hope and survival from Scotland to Shanghai. When six-year-old Lizzie Flint's father, Peter, is killed in the trenches of the First World War, she knows life will never be the same again. And as Lizzie's mother Beth, who refuses to believe that Peter is dead, becomes isolated and embittered, she grows up taking care of her mother — at the cost of her own dreams of adventure. After her mother passes away, Lizzie finally tastes freedom when she travels to Hong Kong to be a teacher. There she falls in love not only with the country itself — the exotic Dragon Land — but with Jonas O'Neill, an author. Jonas and Lizzie marry and move to Shanghai, where they have a son. But as the Japanese army advances towards China, the family finds itself separated by the turmoil of war. In the midst of conflict in a foreign land, can Lizzie win her own battles, get herself to safety and reunite her family?
396 printed pages
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