What's God Got to Do with It?

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“What's God Got to Do with It?” presents compelling evidence from the bible as well as science that the idea of god is a human invention. W.T. Jeffrey brings professionalism and compassion together to help readers cope with the psychology of denial and recognize the human connections that cause religious affiliation to be meaningful. Most people already suspect or even know that gods and supernatural forces are not real. It is the human touch, the heartbeat of humanity that stirs us and gives hope to the evolution of our species. We are not sinners, nor do we need saviors. There are no heavens or “hells” beyond those we create. The real world with real relationships, real choices, and real consequences is where the future will be determined.
What's God got to do with it? The answer is obvious though the transition from a past riddled with supernatural and superstitious assumptions presents a challenge to our social institutions and personal world views. Faith however is a human condition, a mark of our subjective capacity to imagine and dream as we move forward. The time has come to believe in ourselves and to put aside the myths that defraud and malign the dignity of our species. “What's God Got to Do with It?” is an invaluable resource to secularists, agnostics, and atheists. Likewise it is an opportunity for persons in faith traditions to find the authentic and realistic path to personal fulfillment and viable community without religion. Beyond the controversial, beyond the fear, is a truth to be faced, and a resilience to be experienced that transforms this joy and privilege we call life into a gracious opportunity to evolve. It is a human task for the sake of humanity. What's God Got to Do with It?
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