Claire Laishley

Did You Know We Had a Screen Door?

Many of us have envied couples who pack up and set off on the ultimate road trip — but not everyone! Due to a sad history of car travel in her youth, the author is less than enthusiastic when her husband suggests they do the same. Things do start to look up, however, when they sign up to hire a Winnebago, the Rolls Royce of motor homes. But once on their way, they are naive about the pitfalls of driving something resembling a removalist's van around the countryside. This is a hilarious account of their experience, full of anecdotes covering everything from formulating a take-off checklist the RAAF would be proud of to working out the ablution solution of the on-board toilet affectionately named Winnie the Poo. Claire Laishley's books My Mother is My Daughter and The Diary of Delores D'Lump are poignant tales, one dealing with how a family relationship changes due to Alzheimer's and the other covering the twelve-month period after a diagnosis of breast cancer. But despite the sadness of the subject matter, Claire still managed to inject humour into the narrative, and the same humour is given full vent in Did You Know We Had a Screen Door? — a thoroughly entertaining read that will leave a smile on your face long after you have turned the last page.
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