Lionel Kools

When Emotional Healing Sucks

Emotional healing does not suck, our emotional and mental states do. They suck even more when we commit to solve our emotional crisis with little or no success! There is no complexity in emotional healing, we make our mental recovery complicated and painful. We decide, consciously or not, to be doomed. When shit hits the fan, our reactive behaviours are the guidelines of our potential neurological and emotional recovery. Emotional healing is the art of recreating ourselves emotionally, psychologically and neurologically on the go as life rolls on with or without us. Emotional healing is not a defined science, has no guarantee, is never-ending, has no destination and somehow is our ultimate gateway to our emotional and mental comfort.
Emotional healing cannot be forced upon us, it is accessible to anyone who volunteers themselves in their healing journey. Being present is not enough! To evolve emotionally, we need to tap into our state of awareness, cut the bullshit, facilitate changes and solutions through our emotional creativity and choices; and most importantly learn how to vibrate our new selves well before it realises.
This is what Lionel Kools offers in this “back to the basics” book; a collection of aha and light bulb moments, tips, tricks and reminders that help him to reprogram his emotional content. Lionel Kools developed the “Bento Box”, an emotional healing awareness game, as a practical, fun and creative way to heal and evolve emotionally on the go.
163 printed pages
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