Songbirds: Antea Camena, Nara Walker
Nara Walker

Songbirds: Antea Camena

A sonnet echoes softly with in me. A never ending perfect melody… Welcome to the world of songbirds, an intense yaoi inspired dreamland of pretty boys and poetry…
Gavin Star is free of his cruel uncle, so maybe he can finally explore his relationship with Zione. But something's wrong, Zione is distant, Gavin begins to wonder if he really cares for him or even if there is someone else. There's an invisible wall between them that may just come crashing down… at the prom. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions, passion, drama and sinister secrets that is the world of Songbirds. Notes, this is episodes 1 and 2. These episodes take place directly before Broken Wings.
128 printed pages
Original publication



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