AI Aesthetics, Lev Manovich
Lev Manovich

AI Aesthetics

55 printed pages
Al plays a crucial role in the global cultural ecosystem. It recommends what we should see, listen to, read, and buy. It determines how many people will see our shared content. It helps us make aesthetic decisions when we create media. In professional cultural production, AI has already been adapted to produce movie trailers, music albums, fashion items, product and web designs, architecture, etc. In this short book, Lev Manovich offers a systematic framework to help us think about cultural uses of AI today and in the future. He challenges existing ideas and gives us new concepts for understanding media, design, and aesthetics in the Al era.
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Nikita Kr.
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Human brains and natural languages are categorizing machines.
Zhenya Chaika
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The original vision of AI was about automation of cognition. Today, AI also plays a crucial role in culture, increasingly influencing our choices, behaviors, and imaginations.
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