Kristiana Pelot

Bucky and the Navigator

Bucky has always been kind of different from a normal seven-year-old. He never has enough time in the day for all the adventures he dreams about. His trusted sidekick, the Navigator, helps with all his explorations. The Navigator has been with Bucky since his birth. The Navigator was created by Bucky’s grandmother when he was born in honor of his grandfather, a World War II veteran of the air force.
So with this knowledge, we can understand why the Navigator helps give the courage and security they both need for each adventure. Bucky’s family sees Bucky as a normal little boy except for the fact he doesn’t ever want to participate socially with the other kids, unlike his older brother and other boys in the neighborhood who keep themselves busy with sports and social activities. Bucky’s parents and family members are unaware of his secret missions and the powers of the Navigator. Bucky dreams of the great adventure he and the Navigator will be asked to go on one day.
Come join us in Bucky’s and the Navigator’s first adventure. I think you will agree he is an original boy wonder!
40 printed pages
Original publication



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