Keith Eckernwood

Disaster Preparedness

No matter where people live, the potential for a natural or man-made disaster exists. This 5 page reference guide is a way to have the basics quickly at hand when disaster strikes. It includes what needs to be done immediately in the case of heat waves, fire, flash flood, winter storms, tornadoes, landslides, chemical emergencies. You need only to check it and to take action. The Disaster Preparedness Reference guide makes learning how to prepare your family and home for emergencies simple. It explains what you need to put in your emergency evacuation supply kit, and the basic disaster kit. It also offers the simple steps for creating a family disaster plan. Have you ever considered how you might take care of yourself or your loved ones if a disaster strikes in your area? Do you know whether you would have food to eat or even clean water to drink when it's desperately needed? This laminated 5 page pamphlet is designed to be an emergency preparedness guide for beginners. It explains common natural disasters, how to protect yourself and your loved ones when disaster strikes, and how to ensure you have adequate supplies until life gets back to normal.
6 printed pages
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