Jerry Rhoads,Shari Rhoads

How To Live Forever: 12 Vows and Habits to Live By

What are the odds of a marriage lasting 60 years? Experts calculate that only 1 in 600,000 marriages will last 60 years. And .001 per 1,000 will last 70 years. It is our goal to break the world's record of 90 years or die happy trying. That's another 30 years … how in our world can you live that long?

We believe we are our reality, due to our lifestyle, and everyone we meet wants to know “what's your secret for being married 60 years looking as good as you two look and how can we get what you've got”? With tongue in cheek, I get a laugh, when I say it's 'Sex, Kids and Rock-N-Roll.” But in essence, it's a give and takes loyal partnership and we have defied the conventional aging wisdom … which is to retire at 55, 60, or 65 and start the dying process. We, however, in our early seventies, acquired three nursing homes then sold them in our late seventies and started a new career … co-writing this book about how our vows formed a lasting happy relationship, and reformed them if needed, to stay happily married together forever after…

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