Shawn McClendon

13 Things to Stop Believing to Become Healthy and Lose Weight

Are you an individual who has tried unsuccessfully to lose weight year after year? Have you been confused about what it really takes to not only lose weight, but maintain weight loss and increase health at the same time? If this describes you, author Shawn McClendon has written this book just for you.

In "13 Things to Stop Believing to Become Healthy and Lose Weight," Shawn addresses 13 common beliefs that he has observed, from his personal training experience as well as from simply living and talking with others, that he finds consistently hold individuals back from experiencing better health and losing the weight they need to lose. In addition to outlining the erroneous beliefs, Shawn also includes specific, practical steps that you can take now to separate yourself from each belief, and align yourself to a mindset that will empower you to lose the weight, get your health back, and move on with your life.
43 printed pages
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