Robert T. Fertig

Culture Crisis

Culture is what society considers “good and honorable.” In America, there are numerous cultures: Anglo-Saxon, Asian, African-American or Black, Hispanic or Latino, Italian, German, among others. They should celebrate their uniqueness, such as exclusive forms of art and dance, distinctive music, languages, religious practices, and centuries of family traditions.
Diversity is good, and it made the United States of America a Great Nation.
However, in recent decades, it seems that we have lost our way: Clashes have sprung up between different cultural groups. People divided into “Identity Groups,” along racial, economic, and sexual boundaries. That includes Black Lives Matter versus White (racial groups), Wall Street versus Main Street (economic groups). Gay and LGBT versus Heterosexual (sexual groups).
Powerful social media forces have also pitted these groups against each other. As a result, violence has erupted mostly in left leaning liberal cities. Movies and TV programming has added “fuel” for such lawlessness. Most importantly, within this “identity group” syndrome our institutions of higher learning are infected, as well as some religious and political leaders.
This has become an American (and Western) “Cultural Crisis.” This book will help readers to better understand the origins and causes, as well as propose important practical solutions to this American and international cultural crisis.

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