Biz Man

7 Steps from Employee to Employer

This book was written to help frustrated employees escape the drudgery of corporate life and start anew, working to their own agenda. If you have ever sat at your desk pondering the blue skies outside of your corporate 'hutch' then this book is for you.

if you have attempted or succeeded some way down the path to independence, are out of work or self-employed then this book could help you too.

Sadly most start-up businesses fail.There are good reasons for this.Our approach is to help people who wish to start or rethink a business, with minimal risk and grow it organically, into a sustainable or saleable business asset.

Most businesses are spawned from an idea or sometimes just a notion of independence people have whilst at work. Our aim is to greet you as an employee on the 'ground floor', take you up seven flights of stairs in giant leaps to the top floor. We hope that by then end of this book you'll be ready to walk out on the day job and start your new career as a business owner.

This book was written by the team at who provide uniquely pragmatic business coaching, problem solving and support for business owners. is supported by a team of successful business owners, characterised by their plain spoken, no nonsense approach to business. They learnt by their own mistakes, in the real world, over several decades and have a passion for business and for helping others achieve the freedom of 'going it alone'.
96 printed pages
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