Michael Anthony

Poppa Won

Here is the story of a man's desperate struggle to remain in the life of his child and keep the right to be her father. It started out as a division from his spouse and evolved into a full-scale war filled with false allegations. Instantly he became the victim. Many attempts were made to sway the child's love and affection away from him. On several occasions he found himself repairing and rebuilding his relationship with the child. If not handled correctly, he knew this high conflict separation of Dad and Mom would confuse and hurt his little girl.

He was accused of being a threat to his child, a stalker, a drug and alcohol abuser, and an endangerment to the mother. These declarations automatically made him guilty and he was now the centerpiece of this situation. Simple observations and investigations, a large paper trail, extensive research and refusing to give up on his daughter became the key components in developing a plan that would prove his innocence. As evidence accumulated he became aware of what needed to be done in order to build a strong defense and achieve victory.

When a couple unites to become one and a baby is born to them, great changes occur for the benefit of their infant. Whether they remain together or not, this little one will have that father and mother for the rest of their life. It's very important for every child to know that they have two parents. The ability to bond with both should never be interfered with or the end results will be damaging. Everyone has a Dad and a Mom. It's not fair or good to take from a child what naturally belongs to them. For the sake of the children, these grown ups should act civil towards each other and remain friendly regardless of what they prefer to do. Animosity must cease to exist between the parents at all times while their youngsters are present. Like a tape recorder, they will remember what is said about the other parent.

If a man and a woman separate, the kids should never be denied the love of their folks. This action of neglect does not refer to a specific gender. It points to the one who consciously or unconsciously creates harm by obstructing the connection between the child and the other parent. Sometimes the children are used as high-powered weapons to devastate the one who departs from the arrangement. After the split, the non-custodial half wants involvement with the child but their efforts are deterred or hindered. Without justification, to disrupt the union of a child and the other parent is an injustice to both.
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