Real Christians Don't Attend Christian Churches, Donald Werner
Donald Werner

Real Christians Don't Attend Christian Churches

A Christian is one who follows Christ, accepting the authority of his teachings and commands. Yet, according to the Christian Church doctrine, we don't need to keep Jesus' teachings and commands, we can reject some, or all, of them, and all we need to do “believe”. The Christian Churches aren't really ‘Christian’, since they deny Christ by denying his teachings. Jesus warned this would happen and told us there would be harsh consequences. The church has set many of Jesus’ and God’s commands aside, as dictated by their ‘lawless’ church doctrines. I give examples of that in this book.
Jesus experienced the same problem with the Jews. Instead of church doctrine, they had their 'traditions' or 'oral laws' which were making them lawless. How did Jesus deal with them? His parables give that answer, and I explain that in the second half of this book. This is an eye-opening book that will make you evaluate your Christian Church as to how faithful it is to Jesus and God's commands.
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