Demitri Allen

Kevin VS The City of Heroes

In a world where heroes and superweapons are as prominent as the concrete they're living on, a simple reporter takes a job with a sociopathic man with a dream. Getting thrown headfirst into a madness-fueled rampage to take the central city of Megatropolis — where the most powerful of Heroes and Villains alike reside — the reporter is forced to keep up with one of the lowest self-controlled people he'd ever thought he'd meet: The self proclaimed Supervillain Kevin “Motherfucking” Andréson.

With a plan, a group of equally crazy followers, and some extremely intelligent advisors at his back, this is the account of one man's rise to becoming one of the scariest living things that anything would ever meet, told by a simple and mundane person. Let's see what's in store, shall we?
125 printed pages
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