J.D. Neill


Frustrated, confused, and completely ignored, she hears everything.
She tries to get up, but nothing happens. She yells — there is no sound. Fear grips her. Is she a prisoner? Is she dead? Then she hears a whisper, a single word — COMA.
With horror, she understands. They have no idea who she is.
Detectives suspect it was not an accident.
Identified as Maggie Baker, ex-supermodel, and former businesswoman. They discover her estate is a cool $495,000,000.
Police uncover nine ex-husbands, and eventually, their suspects total a Baker’s Dozen.
Helpless in her luxurious hospital suite, Maggie listens to the drama unfold around her, hears her life picked apart. From her beginnings in Australia to Tahiti, from Hong Kong to Hawaii, and finally California, a picture of Maggie’s life evolves.
At night, in the quiet moments, she revisits her past and her loves, a painful emotional journey to find who she has hurt, and who might wish to harm her.
252 printed pages
Original publication
Lanni LV LLC



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