Patience N Carter

Survive Then Live

Short excerpt
Lesson #11: All pain has a purpose.
The pain you went through is not in vain,
The hail, the sleet, the snow, the rain,
Different types of storms have clouded your days,
You Cried, You fought, You Lost, You Prayed

No answer seemed to come your way,
You gave up, You fell, You turned away,
Too many demons to battle, to conquer, to slay
Too tired, too wounded, too hurt to say

The horrible things that haunt you inside,
Despite those things you continue to RISE
You don’t just SURVIVE,
You LIVE, You WIN, You SOAR,
Like a lion in the jungle,
You EAT, You ROAR.

You can overcome anything if you set your mind to it.
Patience Carter has first-hand experience with this. Her life wasn't exactly a walk in the park. She was a resilient young woman whose life was irrevocably changed one dark night in 2016.  When she went out with two of her friends to the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, they expected nothing more than a fun night of drinking and dancing.
Until an unimaginable tragedy struck.
A hate-filled gunman murdered and injured dozens of innocent people. Patience suffered multiple gunshots to her legs, leading to a long and painful recovery. Tragically, one of her friends did not survive.
But Patience’s story doesn’t end there. Wrapped in grief, she taught herself to overcome the pain, heartache, and loss of that terrible night. She became a familiar face in the news in the aftermath of that terrible day, Patience taught everyone that pain is inevitable, but that uplifting yourself and becoming stronger was always possible.
In Survive Then Live, Patience advises people on how to overcome adversity in a relatable voice. She shows us the gritty journey behind the persona she publicized. From heart-aching betrayal to falling in love with a fellow trauma survivor, she tells it all. Often, like Patience, we are subject to unimaginable pain and grief. But it’s up to us to rise above. In this heartbreaking yet inspirational book, Patience shows us how we can overcome our struggles, no matter what they may be.
180 printed pages
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