B. Love

My Savage and His Side Chick

“This way of life is a craft to me, an atlas and roadmap—a destiny
The soliciting synopsis for my story—and she, the publisher of my problems
Hanging, slanging and banging, but my first love is never changing
My hemisphere, she whispers in my ear, “You’ll always be mine”
I realize with my real eye that this is divine—and maybe I am walking a thin line
Blind and inclined—smothered by this materialistic reality that has captured me The streets, she has summoned me—this is what it has come to be
Thug life, street life—me and my wife
And to my woman, you harass me and nag me
Saying the side chick is always on my mind
And yes, she’s with me and I’m with her—we’re together on the grind.”

For men like Javaris and Amari, they have vowed to give the streets their all, making the women who desire a place in their hearts options instead of priorities. Sisters Catalina and Kaia want nothing more than to be the main women of these eligible savages, but they soon realize that other women aren’t their only competition — the street life is too. In the “My Savage and his Side Chick” two-part series loyalties are tried, forbidden bonds and souls are tied, and love and lives are put on the line. Will Javaris and Amari come out victorious in the end, or will they learn the hard way that the game isn’t played fair… and the streets always win?
134 printed pages
Original publication



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