Fixed: A Tail of a Dog, Tessa L Freeman
Tessa L Freeman

Fixed: A Tail of a Dog

A funny, bittersweet story of how three very different lives intersect. The fur hits the fan when a town is asked to make it a law requiring one to spay or neuter their pet. What seems like a harmless proposal gains strength when people take sides and wage war. The story illustrates the real-life hot topic of spay/neuter legislation, already law in some cities and towns, and how the animal breeders are against it, while the animal welfare facilities, who are drowning in homeless animals, are supporting the legislation. This is a tale about the hundreds of thousands of homeless animals and how they impact each and every one of us, from the average animal lover, to the pet breeder, to those in animal welfare, to those who have no pet at all. Told in three perspectives, one a homeless dog's, this novel illustrates the recent and growing conflict between animal welfare organizations and purebred dog breeders regarding the overwhelming and often-ignored homeless animal epidemic in America, which forces animal welfare agencies to euthanize more than six million animals a year, many purebreds, dog by dog, town by town, city by city.
182 printed pages
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Tessa Freeman


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