Super Inc. Villain's Edition Volume 1, Aghori Shaivite
Aghori Shaivite

Super Inc. Villain's Edition Volume 1

Imagine a world centuries into the future. A one world government has fallen, creating 5 interconnected world states. What was once the Americas, Europe, and much of the Middle East has become Sector E3, the largest state in the world. This area has become a hotbed of dirty politics, corrupt business, and crime. It's also the home of Super Inc.'s most evil villains.

We all know that villains are the best part of any comic book. Read a comic where the villains truly are the victors! Get to know Cap'N Death, Brain Surgeon, Colonel Cruel and more- villains that exists within the confines of an evil Aghoriverse!

NOTE: This is the all-comics version. 4 comic stories featuring 4 Super Inc. Villains- Colonel Cruel, Brain Surgeon, Cap'N Death, and Mont E. Cartoon.
45 printed pages
Original publication



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