Laura Lovecraft

MILF For Hire

After seeing a personal ad; Milf for Hire; Nick has been obsessed with the blonde pictured in the ad; she doesn't show her face, but he knows she'll be as beautiful as she is sexy! Now, after saving enough money, Nick contacts her through the ad and tonight is the night! 
But Nick gets the shock of a lifetime when he discovers the hot Milf call-girl he just hired is…his best friend's mother!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Before I lost my nerve I knocked and stood there shifting my weight from one foot to another. There was no response and wondering if I’d been stood up, I went to knock again, when the door opened a few inches.

“Scott?” a soft voice asked.


She was standing behind the door and all I could see was her hand on the frame. Her slender fingers ended in long nails painted a deep red and my heart beat faster.

“You’re right on time, baby.” She purred, still standing out of sight, “Come on in.”

The door swung open and I entered the motel room. It was small and simply furnished with a chair in the corner and a queen size bed. There was an end table on either side of the bed that contained a small lamp.

The lamps were off at the moment, their light replaced by a pair of candles on each table. Their glow left a lot of the room in shadows, but was bright enough to show the covers had been turned down on the bed.

“You have something for me, baby?”

“Oh, um sure!” reaching into my pocket, I removed the money and began to turn around, but she said

“Don’t turn around just yet, I wasn’t quite ready and want to be just right for you.”


She was speaking so softly I could barely hear her and as I placed the money on the night stand I remained standing with my back to her.

“Nice shoulders.” She purred, her voice closer than before. “I think I’m going to make out just fine tonight.”

“Thank you.” I said resisting the urge to turn around.

“And manners.” Another giggle, “Your mom did a good job.”

I just nodded and staring down at the bed felt my heart race with the thought of how close I was.

“Turn around and sit on the bed sweetie.”

Trying to rein in the smile on my face, I turned around and began to sit.

“That’s funny. You look more like a Nick than a Scott.”

This was spoken in a normal volume and in an all too familiar voice. Standing straight up, I exclaimed “Oh my God!”

Standing in front of me, in a short red robe, was Wendy.

“I guess your mom taught you manners, but not morals.” She said with a wicked smirk on her face, “You’re a bad boy Nick.”

I stood there speechless; Jimmy’s mother selling herself!
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