Smedley D.Butler

War is a Racket

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General Smedley Butler’s frank book shows how American war efforts were animated by big-business interests. This extraordinary argument against war by an unexpected proponent is relevant now more than ever.
Originally printed in 1935, War Is a Racket is General Smedley Butler’s frank speech describing his role as a soldier as nothing more than serving as a puppet for big-business interests. In addition to photos from the notorious 1932 anti-war book The Horror of It by Frederick A. Barber, this book includes two never-before-published anti-interventionist essays by General Butler. The introduction discusses why General Butler went against the corporate war machine and how he exposed a fascist coup d’etat plot against President Franklin Roosevelt. Widely appreciated and referenced by left- and right-wingers alike, this is an extraordinary argument against war – more relevant now than ever.
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    Roman Sabytaevhas quoted5 years ago
    Sure, weʼre against this fellow Hitler, but being God-fearing, WE canʼt shoot him, WE canʼt bomb him, but weʼll be delighted to see YOU do it, and weʼll furnish the guns and the bombs. That is, provided you pay us double what theyʼre worth. And in order that there may be no mistake about it this time, youʼll pay us in advance. You see weʼre against going to war ourselves, but weʼre not against your wars. You go ahead. WEʼLL sell you the stuff
    Roman Sabytaevhas quoted5 years ago
    Letʼs be consistent. We cry to high heaven that we are a God-fearing and peace-loving nation and therefore we donʼt believe in shooting people, bombing their homes, knocking down their cities with cannon. And we really ARE a God-fearing and peace-loving people, but certainly itʼs un-Godly, hypocritical and unmanly of us to say to the British and the French
    Roman Sabytaevhas quoted5 years ago
    Well, eighteen years after, the world has less of a democracy than it had then. Besides, what business is it of ours whether Russia or Germany or England or France or Italy or Austria live under democracies or monarchies? Whether they are Fascists or Communists? Our problem is to preserve our own democracy
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