Martin Neil Campbell

Receiving the Gift We Give

In Receiving the Gift We Give, Martin Campbell, a spiritual leader, business executive and radio host, shares his insights into how coming from our center of love, can shift us from being trapped by our worries, fears and feelings of unworthiness, into who we truly are — beings of joy, unity, understanding and freedom.

Martin has observed that people are overwhelmed and frustrated with the endless stream of conflict and strife in the world. People are fed-up of CEO s making obscene amounts of money, how the major religions disappoint us and by our government's lack of concern for people. He understands how frustrating it can feel when people do not seem to care about any of this, or other major issues.

If you too feel this way, you are not alone. Are you ready to do something about these frustrations? Many people are more than ready. This book provides a practical guide to a Finding Love, Joy, Unity, Understanding & Freedom.

Witness humanity repeating the same mistakes over and over again. We are on a treadmill that for all of our running takes us nowhere. Religious people of every faith avow that if we followed their specific beliefs, all of our immoral behaviors and problems would disappear. Political people of every stripe state that if we would impose their rules and governance, all of our societal woes would disappear. Corporate leaders say that if we provide them with unfettered freedom and let them do as they see fit, all of our economic problems would disappear. We have heard these types of proselytizing arguments for centuries. They never go away, yet neither do the problems. When something that does not work for us is said long and loud enough, there will always be people who will listen and believe. But whom should you believe? This book is about you finding your hope and answers. You will see that is possible to escape your worries, fears and feeling of unworthiness, by connecting to who you truly are through your center of love.

We have been bombarded throughout our lives by teachings and messages telling us who we should be and what we should become. We get torn between multiple authorities each trying to move us to their way of thinking. In our hearts we want to believe them, because we know our society has major issues and we yearn for solutions that will enable us to create a better world.

Martin recognizes that our solutions can be found within each of us. He engages in discussions that enable us to understand love and the concept of Oneness. Martin activates our minds, hearts, and spirit by showing us how we have been trapped into various illusions created throughout our life. He believes people can discover how to accept personal responsibility, step into a place of power and abundance and connect to source and become your true self. He explores how we can nurture our union to Source and in doing so create the connection, compassion and confidence to be who we desire to be. Most of all Martin's message is that you are wondrous and divine and his passion is awakening you and humanity to greatness.
349 printed pages



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