Candy Moore

Shaun and Tatiana

This is a spinoff of Destiny and Trent

What happens when a man and a woman meet and they both are crazy as hell?

Shaun AKA Casper was about to find out. Shaun had always known Tatiana AKA Chinee, but he never really paid her any mind. The reason being because Tatiana was about that street life, just as Shaun was, which was a major turn-off for him.

But there was something about Tatiana that he couldn't stay away from. She was his drug! However, when Shaun and Tatiana cross paths, they always end up at each other's throats.

Tatiana had her own issues and secrets that she kept well hidden. In time, these secrets will be revealed to Shaun, leaving him to wonder if he’s willing to stick it out with her, or if she’s not worth it in the end. This is their version of Another Hood Love Story!
134 printed pages
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