Lauren Bannister

Beyond the Title

You may recognize their names from your local news or online media, but you've never heard the stories of the changemakers behind the bylines.

They're CEOs and students, publishers and entrepreneurs-women whose passion for storytelling has propelled them on their unconventional career paths. Beyond the Title: Women in Journalism and Media brings them out from behind the scenes to tell their own stories. Their mold-breaking, glass-shattering achievements demonstrate the grit, resilience, and chutzpah required to chase a dream and pave a path for other women to follow. Everyone author Lauren Bannister meets along her journey into journalism makes unique and generous contributions to the book's tool box of tips, tricks, and insights. In Beyond the Title, Bannister completes the tool kit and places it lovingly into readers' hands.

Among those who contribute to the book's tool kit for aspiring journalists are

Nicole Smithee, co-founder and CEO of digital media site Iridescent WomenMelissa Shook, owner and publisher of The Southern Social magazineCarole Sprunk, owner and publisher of Edge Magazine

Whether you're considering a career in media, building a portfolio of bylines, or dreaming of chasing a new adventure, the women of Beyond the Title will leave you feeling like anything is possible.
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