Raid on Sector Delta 34, Cecil Cory
Cecil Cory

Raid on Sector Delta 34

A group of investors was informed that large deposits of extremely rich material were located in Sector Delta 34. That sector of space was under dispute with factions that claimed they held the rights by conquest. The only way to mine that area of space was to pay protection to raiders the controlled that space. The leaders of the investors contacted Sam Huston and asked him to come up with a team to remove the raiders. Sam Huston told them he knew of someone whom he thought could handle the job. He contacted Jim Bowie and offered him a deal of a lifetime. He told him that he would make more in six months then he did working for the Mining Guild for ten years. All he had to do was to put together a group of pilots and crews then go to Sector Delta 34 and remove the group that claimed the territory.
645 printed pages
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