Troy D. Zeigler

Awakening the Leader Within

It is not sufficient to just be a good manager; to thrive, one needs to be a good leader. After 40 years of leadership coaching, nationally recognized leadership expert Troy D. Zeigler shares the foundational principles that have driven his work through his career.

Those at all levels of organizational leadership who desire to optimize their potential and achieve greater responsibilities, will realize that these personal steps are mandatory to becoming the extraordinary leader that quality organizations seek. The latter chapters specifically address how this transition from Personal Leadership to Organizational Leadership naturally transpires. Simply stated, the self-actualizing qualities of personal leadership and character matter. Who you are often speaks louder than your words. The clarity gained by systematically practicing these concepts will distinguish you in the workplace and make you an invaluable asset to your organization.

At first glance it may appear this book is just about self-help. It certainly serves that function by clarifying purpose and direction, and thereby improving quality of life. Managing your life is simply working with daily circumstances and juggling immediate priorities. If you want control of your life, it is necessary to employ personal leadership. That means you need to focus more strategically.

The fundamentals addressed in Awakening the Leader Within are foundational to successful organizational leadership. These are the principles the author has used in leadership coaching and training for the past forty years. They work!
68 printed pages
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