The Party Wrecker

THE PARTY WRECKER Eight-year-old Jordan is beyond horrified when he discovers that his mom has volunteered to let his ten-year-old neighbor Brad spend a week of summer vacation at their house while Brad's parents travel out of state for the funeral of a distant relative. All the kids in the neighborhood know that Brad is, without a doubt, the worst kid around. He's rude and obnoxious, not to mention the fact that he is absolutely the biggest party-wrecker in the world. And this is the worst possible timing because Jordan's ninth birthday is coming up--and nobody hates birthdays like Brad! Jordan is terrified that Brad will wreck his party. But no matter how many times Jordan complains to his parents about Brad, they brush off his concerns, telling him he's being silly. It's time for Jordan and the other kids to take matters into their own hands--before awful Brad can destroy Jordan's special day! Can Jordan and his friends stop Brad in time? Will Brad destroy Jordan's birthday party?
7 printed pages
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