Valdirlen Loyolla

Robgoblin Flynn

The Dream World is the place where children's souls go when they dream and imagine. And everything that exists there was created by the kind Master of Dreams, but the Master of Dreams was cowardly killed by the lord of all evil: the Master Nightmare. Robgoblin Flynn is the only entity in the Dream world that will challenge the Nightmare master's immense power. But there is something unexplained about its origin. The soft and tender voice that comes to his aid in difficult times and the music that flows easily from his guitar are the only things in his past that indicate that he may not be the son of Master Nightmare. But who and what, really, is Robgoblin Flynn? He wanders through the forest of Deep Sleep, until he finds the Oreade and the Silfo Azul, and together they cross the border of time that separates the world of Dreams from the Real world in search of the girl Líli: the only human child who still insists on dreaming. After many misadventures in the Real world, the three adventurers finally make it to Lili's house, but it is too late… Silfo moves the compass of time to return to the world of Dreams that is already plunged into destruction and darkness. The colored sun and the three nameless moons have been destroyed and only their fragments float in space… Will Robgoblin be able to save his world from the destruction imposed by the Master Nightmare? This will only be possible if Robgoblin Flynn first finds out who he truly is.
379 printed pages
Original publication



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