Miguel A Soto

Reforms: The Spirit of Change

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The oppression, repression and abuse of the king and parliament of England in 1776 forced the people to declare their independence. It was necessary for the people to dissolve the political bands that have connected them with another; and assume a separate and egalitarian station to which the Laws of Nature and the God of Nature entitles them. Today we face similar situations and the people have the right to reform its government. No one should mess around with the people's dream, endowed by Nature, because the Creator of Nature created all men equal, with inalienable rights, among them, Life, Freedom and Pursuing Happiness. No one should alter these rights.
Benjamin Franklin said that Freedom, once lost, never returns. So, we need a revolution every 200 years because all governments become obsolete and corrupt. And corruption is what we, the people, see nowadays. There is corruption, abuse of power, injustice, disrespect to the rules of law in our system of government. We need to review the government's behavior and performance, working to make a more perfect Union, preserve justice, interior tranquility, and promote general welfare for us-the people.
Our current government is sick; corruption corrodes its separation of powers and democracy. Our Union is becoming more vulnerable to having a monarchy, instituting a despotic autocratic government, or installing a dictatorship like the one in Rusia, China, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc. We. the people must make a more perfect Union, for we are the ultimate sovereignty. No power is above the peoples' power because all governments are formed by the will of the people.
We must eliminate all sources of corruption in the three branches of our republican government, holding the separation powers as the sacred guaranty to prevent corruption. The selection and election of the representatives to the three branches of the government is, and must be, the exclusive right of the people. No president should have power to nominate either Justices to the Supreme Court or judges to federal courts, or directors of autonomous agencies, because this is a violation of the will of the people. The people must have the right to elect their representatives to the three branches of power by popular vote on regular elections. because the political parties corrupt the selection and election of governments officials, benefiting their corrupted political agendas. Ethic and transparency are top priority and any violation to these two principles is, and or must be, a high political crime, subject to impeachment. The constitution must be reformed with firm, clear and extrinsic letter, maintaining the spirit of the constitution as the founding fathers had envisioned the Union. It is the people's right and duty to prepare government plan of actions, platforms, that satisfy their needs for every government period, federal or state. No political party should propose any government platform. The political parties must propose, and only propose, their plan, schedule, and funding required to execute the people's government platform for every government period. This is «a government of the people, by the people and for the people, having the right to create a government to run their business; “But when a long train of abuse and usurpation, invariably pursuing the same Object, evidences a design for reducing them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to discard that government, and provide new guards for their future security. “Such has been the patient suffering of these colonies; and such is now the need for them to alter their former Government Systems…”

This book is a wake-up call for the reader to demand necessary reforms to preserve the American dream, now. The constitution reserves the right to the people of this nation, the United States of America,
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