Chelle Pimblott

Built to Last

I've spent the last few years getting my book shop up and running. I've left high school and all the horrible taunting behind me, now I’m a successful business owner.. but I can't forget the one guy that drew my attention. He drew everyone’s attention, the guys want to be him, and the girls wanted to be with him. He was completely out of my league and we all knew it.
When I needed some renovations done at the shop, I asked around for recommendations and it was overwhelming how many people suggested Harvey Carpentry. I guess I should have put two and two together, being that we live in a small town, but I didn’t. Not until  I walked up to the truck with the Harvey logo on the side and he turned to look at me.
Damn, James freaking Harvey. Just my luck.
I'm working hard to make my own mark on this town. I don’t want the reputation of my father hanging over my head forever. I worked hard in my apprenticeship and now I have my own business, Harvey Carpentry. The only problem I have is men warn me to keep my hands to myself and women almost expect me not to when they hire me. That’s what you get when your father is the town love rat, you get tarred with the same brush.
When Kami Parker, the woman who filled my teenage years with many an uncomfortable night, walks up to me and asks if I’ll give her a quote to do some work at her book shop, I can’t agree fast enough. I even add some fun extra clauses into her contract. Can’t she see past the rumours and assumptions to find the real me?
Kami Parker as a client? Damn, that makes me a lucky son of a bitch.
382 printed pages
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