Black Denim Lit #6: The Girl in the Glass Case, Benjamin Schachtman, Matthew Di Paoli
Benjamin Schachtman,Matthew Di Paoli

Black Denim Lit #6: The Girl in the Glass Case

The July, 2014 issue edited by Christopher T Garry features 124 pages of never before seen stories from eight new authors, creating narratives that are variously dark, cynical, inspiring, violent and longing. Black Denim Lit is a monthly journal of fiction available on the web and eReaders.

“'Til Death Do Us Party” by Kelly Schrock (Cinder is suspended on the far side of death); “Call for Help” by Zack Miller (Jenny considers her place at the center of suicide support); “Unfinished Things” by Ethan Fast (A thing lurks in the dark speaking low and reasonable); “What Pavel Found” by Geoffrey W. Cole (Pavel visits a future that has a past requiring more than a lifetime to understand); “The Girl in the Glass Case” by Matthew Di Paoli (Fred struggles with tenuous socialization and stark sexuality in an increasingly internalized technological world); PLUS “Uncanny Valley” by M.T. O'Byrne; “The Teacher's Connection” by T.D. Edge; “Local News” by Benjamin Schachtman

What are you looking for outside yourself? What gives you forward motion in a brutal life? How will artificially intelligent androids feel living at the edge of what scientists today call the Uncanny Valley?
130 printed pages
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