Selected short stories of Chekhov, Anton Chekhov
Anton Chekhov

Selected short stories of Chekhov

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“Selected short stories of Chekhov” included the twelve short stories representative works of Chekhov. Roughly according to the order of published time, we can find the creation of Chekhov thought development, more later, thought more deeply. Some of these works reflect the miserable life of bottom people, such as “Vanka”, “Misery”; Some wrote a small figure trembling with fear, bow and scrape attitude, such as “ The Death of A Government Clerk”, “Fat and Thin”; Some wrote to flog somebody have both ways, such as “A Chameleon”; Some are characterizated of tyranny system guard features, such as “Sergeant Prishibeyev”; Some exposed the autocratic system of social repression and conservative and weak, such as “The Man in a Case”; Some criticized the pursuit of vanity, vulgar and boring, short-sighted philosophy of life such as “Poprigunya”, “Anna on the Neck”; Some reveals the Russian social status under the autocratic regime the ghostly, such as “Ward No.6”; Some performanced the pursuit of a better life and vision, thus arouse people the disgust to life muddle along without any aim, half-deads, such as “About Love” as saying, “Betrothed”.
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