Hiphung Lam

Misadventures in Not Space

From the unacclaimed author of two short stories you have never read comes a tale of four friends (eventually five, if you count the extra kid) trying to find each other, trying to get home, and trying to figure out just what the noodle is Not Space. Kyan, Zoe, Amanda, and Oliver embark on an epic adventure that not only leads to self-discovery but shines a light on the fact that, yes, your parents are people too. (Holey bagels, they have entire non-parent-y personalities all unto themselves!) And the other folks they meet along the way… Well, let's just say they are the neon red cherry atop a freeze dried astro-not ice cream sundae. Misadventures in Not Space is a wildly entertaining ride you won't want to miss.
258 printed pages
Original publication
Hiphung Lam



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