Josh Lawson

REALIGN: Finding God's Purpose for Your Money

DISCOVER GOD S PURPOSE FOR YOUR MONEY… God has either already planted or wants to plant an adventurous dream inside each of us dreams to have an impact and to change the world! But, in order to see these God-sized dreams accomplished, we must REALIGN our lives with God s way of doing things. God s original purpose for our money is to know Him and make Him known!
DIG DEEPER INTO GOD S WORD… Changing beliefs about our finances is not something that mere reprogramming can accomplish. Simply giving ourselves good thoughts and pep talks might work in the short-term, but we need more. Our thinking must be transformed by something stable and secure, the unchanging Word of God.
EXPERIENCE DEBT FREE LIVING… Perhaps you aren t really sure there is enough (money) to make it to the next paycheck, let alone to pay the mortgage. Or maybe, you find yourself trapped in an every-escalating façade, requiring more and more spending to maintain appearances. Well, if any of this is you, welcome to the fellowship of the broken. Wherever you are in your financial story, there is a way for you to be debt free.
GO ON AN ADVENTURE OF GIVING… God is in the business of recruiting men and women who will jump up off of the couch and run out the door to explore the adventure He has in process. More than hoping you will be a happy giver who regularly puts twenty bucks in the offering plate, God is after your heart.

– REALIGN addresses financial issues from the inside out.
– REALIGN puts God in His rightful place where we are living for His Kingdom and not our own.
– REALIGN emphasizes the need for God s leadership and daily input in our financial decisions.
– REALIGN translates across racial, ethnic, and economic lines
– REALIGN deals with the whole person, not just their finances.
– REALIGN calls for living simply and saying no to materialism, greed and gluttony.
– REALIGN deals with the foundational issues and sins that cause poor financial decisions.
– REALIGN invites people to live open-handed and be willing to give everything away.

“Over the years we have worked as a team to renovate hundreds of homes that were in pretty bad shape. While those homes need- ed work both superficially and internally, we have come to see that many peoples money problems start from the inside out. Josh has discovered the balance between dealing with the deeper issues of the heart and mind, while also giving practical help. If you are looking at your financial house and realizing that it needs major help or even a minor repair, then we highly encourage you to read REALIGN and DO WHAT IT SAYS. You won t regret it.”
--Chip and Joanna Gaines, Hosts of popular TV Show
251 printed pages
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